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Welcome to our Hautie blog..... All things hair and beauty

Honestly we are going to be learning how to blog together so buckle up this could be fun.

Its been 13 years in this industry and I said why not start blog. Ps this is Brittany :) so If you have met me you know my mind goes 90 to nothing. Especially when I have an idea. Well I have ALOT of ideas...yep you read that right... what a surprise right. I want to bring everyone along this new adventure into my study of TRICHOLOGY. So buckle up and lets go on this journey together.

What is Trichology you ask... Well let me copy and paste that definition for you below.




  • 1.the branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp.

(so pretty much its the gap between hairdressers and dermatologist in my mind)

How and why are you becoming a trichologist you ask?

After years in this industry I see so many people struggling with hair loss and scalp issues. I feel as hair dressers we do our best at suggesting products but that's not enough anymore. I want to create true solutions for my clients and friends and honestly myself. I have struggled for years with my hair growth. My hair will be great for a year and then boom massive shed or breakage. So I am in this with you too!! I wanted to dive deeper in finding a solution for myself and my clients. So what does any woman on a mission do? We head on over to TIK TOK..... Yep that's right and then what happens? You fall right into that rabbit hole for hours. After lots of research and many many hours of one story to another, leading from one link to another. Then going to the reviews hoping for a magical potion I said ENOUGH!!! I want a true understanding and education on scalp. So I dug even deeper and found my fix!!! I have signed up for my courses to become a trichologist.


So you heard it hear first!!!!

I found a solution to be able to dive deeper and have the education backing me to provide the best solutions for my cleints and myself. So this is the year for HAUTE HAIR ladies and gents. We are on this adventure together. Fair warning I am not a English professor and I am a tell it all kinda girl so that's what you are going to get from me on this blog.

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