Living Proof

We are the science. You are the Living Proof 

Living Proof is designed by hair stylists and bio tech scientists who were fed up with the limitations of conventions products; hence they set out to create results you can see from across the room. They solve the toughest beauty challenges with science and patented technology originating from MIT. Twenty patents, over 50 products, and more that 165 awards later and they have countless love letters thanking us for changing lives in both big and small ways.



OFPMA (healthy hair molecule)- repels dirt, oil, and debris keeping your hair cleaner longer

PBAE (thickening molecule) - creates thickeneing dots between your hair strands so your hair feels & looks fuller

ETAS ( volumizing & texturizing molecule)- this molecule is almost as light as air, and creates instant volume and texture without weighing down the hair

CPULA (locking molecule)- forms a protective layer to help lock in color and replenish the outer layer often damaged during the coloring process 

The living proof products solve the root causes of your hair problems with science and technology + originating from MIT to give you the healthiest hair possible. The six lines are:


Restore- transforms your hair to make it look and feel visibly healthier

PhD- Intended to help keep you hair cleaner longer

Full- for lasting & revivable fullness

No frizz- the biggest anti-frizz technology breakthrough in over 30 years

Style lab- where effortless style meets cutting edge science

Color care- the color care system makes hair color last 2x longer


*All products are silicone, sulfate, paraben & cruelty free*