Master Stylist




Brittany has always had a passion for hair. She graduated high school early to pursue her passion and upon finishing hair school, opened B.haute Salon. She has been in the industry 13 years. She has been an educator for a product company but her passion is behind the chair with her clients. ​



Fun Facts:


  • Laughs at her own jokes

  • Rated A+ for facial expressions 

  • Brittany has also been a Realtor for the past 4 years.


Blondest Moment: 


  • Once said her friend was moving out of state—to Houston.

  • Thought the bumps on the lines in the road were so blind people could drive.




- Balayage

- Extensions​

- Airbrush tanning 

Taylor Britain





Hey y'all!

My name is Taylor Britain and I am a licesned cosmetologist in Colleyville Tx!

I attened a CHI partner school in Hillsboro TX & I've been working in the hair industry since 2016! I've trained with some of the best stylists from Waco to Dallas & I always keep up with the latest hair trends.

I'm consistently futhering my career with education & hair shows! I love what I do and look forward to working with you!


Color Services:



-All Over Color 



-Brazilian Blowouts



Fun Facts:


  • I can probably eat more food than a full grown man.

  • My favorite holiday(s) are definitely Halloween & Christmas.

Blondest Moment: ​

     My blondest moment was believing that blinker fluid was a real thing & when I got my first oil change, I asked them to "check my blinker fluid". Thanks Dad.